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What is the digital marketing

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What is the digital marketing, nowadays digital marketing become most important than offline marketing at all over the world and it develops rapidly at all it's channels and methods .

What is the digital marketing
Digital marketing is the using of internet platforms and mobile phone applications to market the products ,services and make a brand for your business using all or many types of digital marketing


When you start a new project or decide to promote your services and reach specific consumers
You need to own website to introduce your services and history also you can sell products or book tickets from your website.
Need to publish your services at social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instgram….etc , to make a trust between your company and your clients and know their opinions in your services and can improve your products to meet customers needs.
Need to use SEO services on your website to improve your website rank at search engines like google, bing, yahoo …etc. Also you can use every channel of digital marketing to market your service.

Digital marketing history

In the past , the only way to market your products is offline market like flyers , brochures, TV advertising , cold calls, meetings and events but with the spread of internet usage at 1990s and 2000s the marketing 's developments head for digital channels to start a huge jump at marketing and marketing methods.

Benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing is more useful and effective than the offline marketing and there are the best digital marketing benefits

Consumers reach

At digital marketing channels , it is so easy to reach customers who searching for your service from their country, age, activities, home place, sex and more.

Low cost

The cost of advertising at digital marketing platforms is very low than advertising at offline marketing.


The result of using channels of digital marketing is very measurable by knowing number of post reach and the clicks of your advertise.


When you print flyers or make a television advertise you cannot edit on it or you will lose your money but at social media marketing (SMM) or search engine marketing (SEM) you can optimize your advertise to get the best result and stop it when you want.


All clients now searching online for products and services and only trust companies which existing at social media platforms and read the reviews about it .


The spread of a product on social media and all online platforms make it reach for large audience and helps it to be a brand in short time if you works on a true plan.