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Social Media

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Social Media

FaceBook :
-Facebook is the easiest way to reach your clients who concern the product or the service you are offering as number of facebook users has reached 30 million accounts according to the latest survey. - we can reach them by determining the age, job, academic qualifications, interests and residential areas.

Instagram :
-An image can say thousands of words especially if it is unique with high quality .. so images are the best way to show your products in order to attract more customers as they help the customer to know what exactly he wants so instagram is the best application to show your products in a very distinct way.

Social Media

YouTube :
-YouTube users have reached more than milliard users so far so it has become a very important mean for online advertising . -through YouTube your campaign can reach more than million views . -the best thing about advertising on youtube is that you don't have to pay unless your advertisement has been viewed for 10 seconds which called " cost per view "

Twitter :
-Twitter offers you many services beside advertisements such as : control the statistics, following tweets and g hashtags for your campaign of your company and following its trend.

LinkedIn: :
-LinkedIn is from the most important websites on social media for companies and employees and it's necessary for your campaign to have a LinkedIn account -It's visited daily by a huge number of users who has reached 300 million users from all over the world. -it has many advantages such as : attracting new customers and companies to your business conveniently as its users concern showing their work the most and their experiences in a definite and obvious way.

Managing he page includes :
- plan for the content.
-professional designs.
- creative marketing ideas.
-reply to 75% of the comments and messages during the official working hours.
-posting at least 2 posts or 4 maximum weekly.