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Digital Marketing Definitions

Digital Marketing  Definitions

Digital marketing definitions, if you have business and want to grow your business by digital marketing methods, you should know many meanings of words to work correctly on digital marketing channels and know how to measure your campaign success at any social media platform, SEO, SEM or e-mail marketing.


CR stands for conversation rate which mean the percentage of visitors who perform a desired action like click on link, buy product, file download and more.
For example : if you sell products on your website you divide the number of website visitors by number of sales and the percentage result is the conversation rate


CTR stands for Click Throw Rate , it refers to the percentage of clicks on the advertise.
CTR Calculation
To measure the percentage of click throw rate for your advertise or your website, you divide the number of advertise impressions (how many times people see your advertise or website) by the number of clicks on the advertise, the percentage result is the CTR .


ROI stands for return of investment and it is the most important part of digital marketing campaigns. At any campaign you need to set budget for your campaign, analyse the market and competitors very well and know your target audience to make a successful campaign then the best important part is the measuring of campaign success to know you are working on the right or wrong way and correct the weakness points.
ROI Calculation
To calculate the ROI you need to compute this formula
ROI = Gained amount – Amount spent / Amount spent X 100

Other definitions


Stands for click to action and only use mobile campaigns where you can make visitors call you directly instead of sending people to website.


Stands for cost per click which men you choose to pay for every click on your website at google adwords and website advertisings .


Stands for cost per mille (impression) , that’s mean you pay for advertise when it reach one thousand impression.